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Diversity in Personal Finance Opinions

For many personal finance nerds, and I dare say, even for some regular, everyday people, the world of personal finance

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We All Need Inspiration

“When inspiration fails to come to me, I go half way to meet it” I do not enjoy yardwork. It’s the part of homeownership that I like to contract out. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be frugal (and I am in so many other ways) but in this area, I just don’t enjoy it. The way I see it, I can utilize my time in other better ways that will bring value and joy to me. I do not mow our lawn and sometimes, I pay for someone to do some landscaping to the little garden on our front yard. I have also paid in the past for someone to get rid of the leaves in the backyard during Fall, though I always try to get it done myself. Most times, I lack the inspiration to just go outside and do it. We have a moderate-sized backyard, so it can be a lot of work. So it happens that my

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